Pantry Offenders

Pantry Offenders

Jul 19

I had some extra time before leaving to start my new job today and I used that time to examine our fridge, freezer and pantry contents.

We decided to start our quest officially on August 1st, because it was easy to remember and it also gave us time to use up the food in our house we have now deemed uneatable. We felt that since we had already bought these items, brought them into our house, the damage was done. In fact I feel that to let the meat and milk we have go to waste at this point would be more offensive to the animals who gave us these products, then subjecting them to the conditions they live(d) in.

So the master list of offending food items that must be eaten or given away is as follows:
- Half Gallon Publix 2% Milk
- Half Gallon Smart Balance Lactose Free Skim Milk
- Pint of Publix Half and Half
- 3 pork tenderloins
- 4 individual packages of Purdue Chicken Tenderloins (one package will feed John and I for a dinner meal)
- 3 links of Chinese Sausages
- 3 6oz yogurt cups (Publix and Chobani)
- 8oz tub of Publix Cream Cheese
- Quart of homemade Green Tea Frozen Yogurt
- Half Gallon of Breyers Vanilla Ice Cream
- Can of Cambell’s Cream of Potato Soup
- Can of Cambell’s Chicken Noodle Soup

As I was searching in the pantry it occurred to me that the Raisinet package in front of my face had milk in it. I panicked a little and turned frantically to John, “What about Chocolate?! Do they even sell organic chocolate made from milk from grass-fed, pasture roaming cows?!?” He smiled but honestly said that he didn’t know, and maybe we would decide chocolate was something we felt needed to be banned. So now I have another list of food items to work on.

Questionable products that contain small amounts of milk or milk products that we are undecided yet on whether or not we want to not eat them. More reasearch is required.
- Raisinets
- Powered Alfredo Mix
- Publix Ranch Salad Dressing

I guess we’ll see where these three months take us and we’ll find out about whether or not these questionable food will make the list or not. I have numerous books on hold for me at the library as well as a growing list of websites to browse, as I feel I should be well-informed about food and where it comes from. As well as I am curious to hear what others have to say on the subject.

Off to work…..

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  1. Daniele

    I think this is a great idea guys! I am excited to go along with you on this journey via the blog! Did the Beekman Boys have anything to do with this? Oh and Laura, does eating Rasinets that someone else bought, and happened to leave out on the counter while you are babysitting, go against your principles? :-)

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