Jul 19

I love shopping at my local Publix, shopping there is truly a pleasure. Plus, It helps that I can see it from my front door, and I like to walk to 5 minutes up to shop. So I headed up there to check out how they fare as far as foods that fit within our guidelines.

Unfortunately there were a lot of things lacking from their shelves that would help a responsible eater like myself.

No block or sliced cheeses, no sour cream, no ricotta, no cream cheese, no cottage cheese.

No beef (Greenwise (publix’s organic brand) beef says they are fed vegetarian diets, but doesn’t specify grass so that’s a no). No chicken or turkey, no pork. (sidenote: Publix says their Organic chicken is from chickens allows ample space and fresh air within the flock house. But since they don’t specify free-range we are going with a no)

There was only one type of butter, one type of ice cream, one type of yogurt, one type of whipping cream, and one type of half and half which fit our qualifications. While that will make shopping easier, it takes out the fun of comparing prices and getting to have a choice.

The only area Publix had a lot to offer was milk. It has two types of organic cows milk plus 6 or 7 types of dairy free milks.

To be honest I wasn’t sure what I was expecting, but since I am disappointed by Publix’s selection, I was obviously expecting more then what I found. I think that since the items at Publix that I found are much more expensive then normal items, added to the fact that now the things Publix doesn’t carry have to be bought at a specialty market or local farm (thus making them more expensive), John and I are just going to have to resort to eating a whole lot less of dairy and meat items. My goal in this first month of our experiment is not to raise our food budget at all to accommodate our new food choices. That leaves me $250 for the month of August to buy food that is more expensive then what we usually buy, it’ll be a challenge but I think with eating less of the more expensive products we’ll be okay.

Tomorrow I am headed to Whole Foods and I am hopeful I will find more selection there. I am working on a spreadsheet to compare prices from various stores and local farmers, as well as what types of products can be found where.

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  1. Sara

    I know that being able to walk there is a huge part of the appeal for you guys, but you might try checking other Publixs – they very much modify their offerings to the market of the specific location.

    The Publix next to the Winter Park Village (that used to be an Albertson’s) is huge and tends to have a much wider selection.

    It may not help your daily shopping routine but it may restore your confidence in the chain. :)

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