The One Dish Vegetarian

The One Dish Vegetarian

Jul 22

Book Review

My first book to be read cover to cover from the library was “The One-Dish Vegetarian” by Maria Robbins. While we are not going veg, I know now from shopping around that instead of eating meat about 6 nights a week, we’re only going to be able to afford about twice a week (more if we lower our portion sizes to half sizes). As a result I searched the library high and low for every vegetarian cookbook I could find to fill those nights when we weren’t going to be carnivores.

Overall, this cookbook was a good one. Small sized and not to thick so it’ll fit practically on the counter when using it to cook a recipe. However, there was no pictures. I am a visual person and eating food itself is such a visual act that not having photos in a cookbook is a no-no in my world. Especially when its all veggies with their bright, inviting colors. But that fact aside, most of the recipes in the book look (in my mind’s eye) delicious. I have about 12 recipes tagged as must trys, which is probably about a fourth of the book.

I will say that in the intro Maria talks about vegetarian meals usually being veggies with a side of veggies and a salad of more veggies. So by making a one-dish dinner she was hoping to eliminate that dinner arrangement. However, I was disappointed with the overall meal in one dish aspect of the recipes, the soups and pastas would work but some of the others would be too light to be eaten as a dinner meal and others would still need a roll and a salad on the side to round it would for a full meal.  For example risotto with tomato sauce, it sounds delicious as well as a great idea of not only have spaghetti with red sauce but rice instead (great if you’re gluten free!) but how can that be a whole meal?

One thing that was an issue that is specific to us is that we don’t like beans or lentils. Correction, John doesn’t like beans and I don’t like lentils. It’s a texture issue with both and we don’t enjoy eating them. However, since they are good sources of protein and give a meaty body to food, they are somewhat of a staple for this cookbook (and I would assume most Veg cookbooks out there). But that’s really nothing against the book, I know it’s John’s and my problem.

A recipe I am excited to try, and for you guys to try out too, is Papaya Fruit Curry. When I think of a Vegetarian dinner I think of vegetables, and obviously I was missing that you could have savory fruit for dinner too!

Guess what? You’re in luck, the whole cookbook is available on Google Books. Enjoy this recipe and let us know if you try any others!

Papaya Fruit Curry by Maria Robbins, from The One-dish Vegetarian Cookbook

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  1. Sara

    I will always be a willing guinea pig for your vegetarian experiments! I’ll even fund the supplies and provide the kitchen when possible ;)

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