Pacific Natural Foods

Pacific Natural Foods

Jul 23

Logo for Pacific Natural FoodsBased in Oregon, this company started as just a maker of soy milk in 1987. They’ve since expanded hugely to include other alternative milks (almond, rice, hemp), broth and soups, as well as some prepared foods likefrozen pizza and pot pies.

BELIEFS Judging by their website, they seem very transparent. They believe animals should be treated with respect. They imply that all their dairy comes from farms owned by their founder. They openly state that their dairy cows are given ample pasture time, are not administered hormones or antibiotics, and are generally pampered. They believe we should know where our food comes from, and because of that, they started a program called Certified to the Source, by which they rigorously examine all their ingredients and certify that they can trace them to their source to ensure the highest quality. They don’t elaborate on what exactly they look for in their source ingredients, but it’s implied that it must be organically grown.

DOWNSIDES Unfortunately, they only specify that the beef used in their beef broth is organic. Also, they offer two different free-range chicken broths: Natural and organic. The difference between the two is what the chickens ate – a natural vegetarian diet or an organic vegetarian diet.  I’m currently waiting to hear back from them on what the real difference is between those two. I’ll also be inquiring about the beef they use for their broth.

AVAILABILITY I was excited to find out how widely distributed these products are. The website has a really easy-to-use tool for finding the closest supermarket that carries their products, although it can’t specify which products. If you can’t find any store close to you, there are also options for buying online. They also offer online coupons. (Did I mention that we love coupons?)

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