Relative Costs

Relative Costs

Jul 25

We knew from the start that our experiment would be a little pricey, so here’s my initial report on relative costs.

Compared to their non-organic counterparts, the two most expensive products we’ve found are eggs and butter. Cage-free organic eggs cost $3-$4 per dozen, while regular old bleached eggs are about $1.30 — that’s 300% more expensive. Organic and natural butter is surprisingly consistent in cost at $6 per pound, while the non-organic stuff is only about $3 per pound — a 100% increase.

On the other hand, organic and natural milk tends to cost only about 25-50% more than the other stuff, same as with the deli meats (ham and turkey). We haven’t priced a lot of beef and pork yet, but so far it seems to be pretty expensive. I’ll post more when I know more.

For more information, see our price list.

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