Applegate Farms

Applegate Farms

Jul 31

If we were to start a meat & dairy company based on the beliefs and information presented in this blog, it would surely be something very close to Applegate Farms. Founded about 20 years ago, this company has a strong commitment to both organic and natural food.

BELIEFS Applegate unequivocally believes in treating their animals with respect. They have strict standards for the environment their animals live in, the treatment their animals are given, and the amount of freedom their animals receive. But beyond organic feed and natural diets, Applegate believes in natural methods of curing. These ideals are all summed up in a tidy little fact sheet. Their web site is really fantastic, containing not only full product lists and recipes, but also some very detailed FAQ’s about topics from antibiotics to rBGH to swine flu. Applegate recently sponsored a documentary about school lunches called Lunch Line and has also started a web site called Eat To A New Beat, which encourages kids to know what’s in their school lunches and empowers them to make a change.

If all of this is not enough, Applegate has begun testing a tracking system. That’s right, you can track your meat directly to the source. If you only click on a product type, you can see a map of farm locations. However, it seems that if you enter the UPC code from one of their products, you can actually see WHICH FARM it came from! How cool is that? Talk about transparency…

AVAILABILITY The deli meats are definitely available at Whole Foods stores. The Applegate web site lists pretty much every Publix near us as carriers of their products, but for all we know that just means hot dogs and pepperoni. We will be checking on this and reporting back. Check to find out if Applegate Farms has products in your local grocery store.

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