Day 1

Day 1

Aug 01

So it’s the official big day, the start of our experiment. It’s amazing to think that these last two week of posts have just been in preparation for today and the next three months. Thanks for reading and we hope to start posting a few “journal” style posts talking about our day to day experiences with our new diet (you’ll know they are a journal post by the title being the number day we are on in our experiment).

This morning in honor of our first day, we ventured to the Lake Eola Farmers Market. Which really should be called the Lake Eola Goods and Services Market, since there was only one farm stand!We bought some fruit and veggies, and some local honey but we were done in about 20 minutes (so much for a big morning outing). We then decided to celebrate our first day by eating out for lunch.

We went to Ethos Vegan Kitchen. Again, we are not going vegan, but since its so hard to control and know where meat and dairy products come from when eating out, it’s easier to just go to a place where they don’t serve any meat or dairy (At least until we get to know some local restaurants more and figure out who can cater to our wants) It was yummy. John got the french toast, with agave nectar with home fries. I got the soy yogurt with fruit and two ‘sausages’. Overall it was delicious, and surprisingly the clientele was very diverse and welcoming (Often vegan places have a certain uppity feel, like you have to be a member to fit in and if you’re not vegan enough, then they don’t want you there.)

Tonight (after an afternoon siesta), we are having Pasta with Zucchini, Cannellini Beans and Tomatoes for dinner. I honestly think it’s going to be a great first day and a great start to our next three months. I can’t wait to finish writing a couple posts and be able to share our thoughts with you all.


  1. Sara

    Try “my” farmer’s market. It’s on Sundays at Lake Lily – lots of food options!

  2. Good luck! How’d the 1st and 2nd days go? I’m really looking forward to following your journey through this blog, and even though you’ve just started, the amount of thought and research you’ve put in already is inspiring!

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