Day 3

Day 3

Aug 03

We still have quite a few items in our fridge that we weren’t been able to use up before our three months started. Things like mayonnaise (we rarely use it), butter (we usually buy it in bulk), and sliced cheese (I used to use it often in sandwiches, but I haven’t used it for a long time). This makes me feel like we haven’t changed much, though I know the effects will kick in more in a week or so. Laura thinks we should use up the items in the fridge that are not “safe,” but I have a hard time looking at the mayonnaise and butter and NOT thinking about what soulless factory produced it. After all, it’s not very difficult to make your own mayonnaise or churn your own butter.

Last night we had a wonderful vegetarian meal: A grilled romaine salad with arugula, tarragon and strawberries; herb-roasted potatoes; and lemon-marinated cremini mushrooms.

Today, I had my first ham sandwich with Applegate’s Black Forest Ham. It may be just a mental shift, but I think the ham tastes a lot fresher and meatier than the Boar’s Head black forest ham I’ve always bought. It’s a hard difference to describe, but it’s based on my first impression and, I’ve mentioned before, those are extremely important. (See Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking.)

For most of my life, a sandwich has been a very meat affair, the goal usually being to create a meat-stack as thick as the bread slices, with vegetables (lettuce, tomato, onion) being a secondary addition. Now that I’m older and more interested in where my food comes from, though, I realize that I’ve always taken my deli meat too much for granted. Today’s sandwich had just two slices of ham and (*gasp*) no cheese.

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