Fatted Calf

Fatted Calf

Aug 04

I don’t live in San Francisco, I have never been to their farmer’s market and therefore I have never been to Fatted Calf Charcuterie. However, I don’t think I need to have been there to know that they are a happy place, serving happy people, happy animals.

In the book I am reading (“The Vegetarian and the Butcher”, look for a review soon), the author interviews Taylor Boetticher, the owner of the Fatted Calf. He says “I like charcuterie because it uses the whole animal… Once you take all the steaks, there’s a lot left over. If you want to be respectful, you have to use the whole thing.”

He goes on to say that even though he makes his living off of meat, doesn’t mean that he is into wholesale slaughter and factory farms. That “animals should only have one bad day in their life. Up until then they should live like animals, in pastures, running around.”

When asked about eating meat and if we should, he says “I don’t eat meat everyday and I don’t think that it’s important that everybody does. But if you’re going to eat meat make sure it’s good meat coming from someplace you can trust.” He even says that when customers to the shop are buying too much meat from him, he’s been known to cut them off. To tell them they have bought enough for the week and come back next weekend when they have eaten it and need more.

How brilliant is that? A man who is a butcher and sells meat, that tells people they shouldn’t eat as much as they do. A man that makes his living off of meat, but doesn’t even eat it everyday himself. He realizes that animals should be treated well, and as a result the Fatted Calf only uses animals from ranches they know.

We definitely need more butchers like Taylor and shops like the Fatted Calf out there (and in my opinion ones closer to Central Florida!)

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  1. Sara

    Sounds like a busines plan is forming in your happy animal loving little head :)

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