Day 5: Farmer’s Market

Day 5: Farmer’s Market

Aug 05

This phrase, like so many other American terms, has all but lost its original meaning: A locally-organized market where farmers can sell the fruits of their labor. Before the advent of the supermarket, farmers needed ways to distribute their products to local communities, so they congregated in weekly markets to save consumers the trouble of visiting multiple farms for groceries. Now we have supermarkets, but they ship items from around the country and world, so now more than ever, small farmers need a place to sell their products.

Today’s farmer’s market is a far cry from the original — it’s mostly just an arts and crafts fairs with some small food resale companies on the side. We visited the Orlando Farmer’s Market at Lake Eola on Sunday, and there was only one food vendor. One! Slim pickings, indeed.

Tonight, however, we visited College Park’s fairly young farmer’s market and were pleased and surprised. It’s one of only two local markets in Orlando, the other of which we have yet to visit, and it offered a lot of opportunities for us for the next three months. We met Tony, a butcher and chef who now runs a catering business, but plans on opening a butcher’s shop in town (it will be the ONLY one in Orlando!). We also met Joe, a local apiarist who has bees in a few locations across Central Florida. And we met Richard, the owner of Heart of Christmas Farms in Christmas, FL, who sells many hydroponically grown vegetables, cage-free and free-range eggs, raw milk, raw yogurt and raw goat’s cheese.

I’m so glad we decided to stop by College Park tonight, and I know we’ll be returning almost weekly for the next three months.

By the way, did you know it’s National Farmer’s Market week? We didn’t either, until today!



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