Wallaby Yogurt

Wallaby Yogurt

Aug 07

Wallaby Yogurt is delicious!

I discovered Wallaby Yogurt on my shopping exploration at my local BJ’s store (a bulk discount store), however I didn’t buy and instead chose to go home and do a little research first.

Wallaby Yogurt was started by a husband and wife team in 1993 after they ventured to Australia and discovered Australian style Yogurt (or yoghurt as they spell it there). So, we all know about Greek style yogurt these days, but Australian Style? Turns out it is made with a slow cooking method, taking over twice the amount of time as normal yogurt. The result is a naturally creamy and less tangy yogurt then ours. Normally here, we have to add a gelatin agent of some sort to thicken our yogurt, but they just cook it right to get the same effect, that being said it is fairly on the thin side (especially since I have grown accustomed to Greek style).

Our BJ’s carried a multipack of 5 strawberry and 5 vanilla bean 6oz containers. At $7.99, which makes it $.80 a piece, means it’s $.05 cheaper each then we had been finding. The vanilla bean is amazing, with actual, visible vanilla seeds in the yogurt, giving a yummy intense flavor. The strawberry has little tiny pieces of strawberry, giving you a bite of strawberry in every bite.

The website for Wallaby is very cute and informational. They list every farm in California where they get their milk and all of them talk about how pastured cows and organic techniques make for a better product and happy cows. One farm said that they’ve observed their cows which are allowed to roam on the pasture, will actually kick up their feet in delight!

Wallaby also sells Down Under Yogurt, which is a fruit on the bottom style, it looks so good. The clear packaging allows you to see just how much fruit you’re getting and I am going to have to hunt down where I can find it (using the websites ‘Where’s Wallaby‘ function would probably be the easiest way) Plus, they have a dark chocolate on the bottom with vanilla bean yogurt which would make a great snack!

An interesting sidenote: Being lactose intolerant, I take a lactase enzyme with dairy foods. Now theoretically, since yogurt has those helpful bacteria in them, I shouldn’t need to take an enzyme since the bacteria help break down the lactose. But for pretty much every other yogurt I’ve tried, I have still needed to take a lactase or else I have some unpleasant stomach issues. However, twice this week at work, I forgot to bring a lactase from home, but I wasn’t about to let the yogurt go to waste, so I ate it anyways. And nothing happened, I was fine. Pretty sweet for me since the lactase can be pricey!

Just one more reason to love Wallaby!


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    Sounds like the yogurt for me and my tummy also.

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