Day 8

Day 8

Aug 08

So far, we are getting by very well from day to day. We eat largely vegetarian meals, partly because we feel it’s responsible to eat less meat, and partly because natural meat is just so darn expensive! If you’ve taken a peek at our natural food price list, you may have noticed the deli meat prices. They aren’t astronomical, it’s true, but they are certainly more expensive than, say, Boar’s Head.

On the dairy side, though, we are finding many options that are not so cost-prohibitive. Local eggs and milk are, apparently, readily available, with a little searching. We will be posting local producers here shortly, as we hope to make this blog a one-stop shop for all things local and natural.

Last night we ate sinfully fattening macaroni and cheese at my parents’ house which, to my delight, was made with natural butter, eggs and cheese. Today, Laura and I made bacon ice cream (for the second time) with Organic Valley heavy cream, Eggland’s Best eggs (purchased BEFORE we realized they are not approved), and Applegate Farms Sunday Bacon. So delicious…

Oh, and we uncovered some fairly exciting news: Semi-sweet chocolate chips and dark chocolate bars typically have no dairy. We thought we would pretty much be giving up chocolate for three months, but it turns out this isn’t the case!

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