Day 9

Day 9

Aug 09

I stayed over in the area of town where I work late today, so I could go to the Audubon Farmers Market, the other market in town dedicated to only local vendors. I only went for eggs and milk. However, I came home with eggs and yogurt.

The yogurt is a goat’s milk yogurt from Heart of Christmas. It is pretty thin, raw, and very tangy. I am not sure I like it all that much, but for $5 for a quart, you better believe I am gonna make sure it gets eaten!

I also bought a dozen chicken eggs from Big Wheel Provisions, who sells them on behalf of Lake Meadows Farm. Tony the seller, told me he had gone to the farm and gotten the eggs about 10am this morning! I accidentally broke an egg in the package on the way home, but it ended up being a good thing I did. John fried it up and we stood forks in hand eating it in the middle of kitchen while it was hot off the pan. It was delicious! Plus, how many people can say they have eaten and egg the same day it was laid? I couldn’t have up until now. Well worth the $4.50 a dozen.



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