Traders Point Creamery

Traders Point Creamery

Aug 10

Located far away in Indiana, this farm is exceedingly natural and “safe.” In my book, any farm that has a restaurant on site and offers tours of their property has nothing to hide. They are strictly a cow dairy, offering cow’s milk, yogurt and a few varieties of cheese, and they emphasize the importance of good grass in raising dairy cows.

They talk extensively on their site about the health benefits of grass-fed dairy milk. Of course, they are biased, being a dairy farm, but it’s the kind of thoughtful comments that make me feel they are genuinely passionate about what they do. When a large company says thoughtful things, it just makes me think they spent a lot of money thinking about them, but I’m much more impressed when a small company like this says them. One particularly interesting thing about Traders Point Creamery is that they don’t homogenize their milk. (It’s still pasteurized, as per state laws.) But what does that mean, anyway? Well, the fat in milk (the cream) naturally tends to separate from the liquid and rise to the top. By exerting extreme pressure on the milk, homogenization breaks the fats down into smaller pieces so that it integrates consistently and no longer separates.

Another interesting thing is that they claim they are certified organic not only by the USDA, but also by an independent certification company, the better to assure its customers that it truly is chemical-free.

But the best thing (and the only reason I discovered them) is that they sell their milk and yogurt in these cool glass bottles, which you can find in Whole Foods. The yogurt looks deliciously thick, though we have yet to try it first-hand.

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