Eat Wild

Eat Wild

Aug 11

This site has been listed under resources in our sidebar for a little while now, but I wanted to post about it, since I assume you don’t click all our links to see where they lead. (And if you, well, thanks for trusting us.) is a huge repository of research concerning the differences between grass-fed beef (i.e. pasture-based) and feedlot beef (i.e. factory farm or CAFO). As the disclaimer on the main page says, it’s authored by an investigative journalist who has written a New York Times bestselling book about the subject. (You can expect a book review in the coming months, if we can get our hands on a copy.)

This is the first source I’ve been able to find about pasture-based meat that actually cites scientific studies and journals. You can find information here on the health benefits of pasture-based meats, the benefits to farmers, and the benefits to the animals. There’s also a really great tool for finding a supplier of pasture-based meat in your area. You may be surprised how much is around you!

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