Family Vacation

Family Vacation

Aug 14

Every year, for five years now, my family takes a beach vacation together, renting a house or condo and enjoying the sand, sun, games, good food, and good conversation. This year is no different, and we found a beach-side place to stay in North Florida, where we are luxuriating as I write this. Of course, there is a slightly different tone to this trip for me and for Laura, and that has to do with our new diet. We certainly haven’t let it keep us from having fun or enjoying food, but we have had to plan a little more carefully and coordinate a little more with the rest of my family. Fortunately, they were gracious enough to plan the meals in our favor, using only fish and vegetables, for the most part, and Laura and I brought along supplemental ingredients, like coffee creamer, milk and eggs.

For lunch yesterday, we had fish tacos with locally-caught tilapia and my sister’s homemade tartar sauce (with my homemade mayonnaise, a smattering of herbs, lime juice and vermouth). Last night we had an amazing Asian-inspired three-course meal (four, if you count dessert) with sesame ginger salad, miso soup, peanut sauce pasta and vanilla chai ice cream. The pasta was topped with cilantro, lime, green onions and water chestnuts, and included thinly sliced, pan-fried tofu for crispiness. I made the ice cream before we left for our vacation with local, free-range eggs (they are delicious!), Organic Valley heavy cream, and soy milk. (You can find the recipe here, though I made my own modifications.)  Tonight, we are going out on the town, looking for a restaurant that we can all enjoy. I expect that to be a little more challenging for me and Laura, but we have already agreed that we are not going to be too strict when we are out for social reasons. We’ll see how it goes…

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