Eating Out

Eating Out

Aug 15

So, as John said in his last post, we went out to dinner in St. Augustine yesterday on vacation. We actually did some research before we went out that night and found a couple restaurants that sounded promising. We thought The Present Moment Cafe sounded good, but knew that talking the rest of the gang in to an all veg restaurant was going to be difficult (besides we wanted everyone, even the regular meat eaters, to be happy). Then we found The Purple Olive, and thought that may be a good one. It is a local place with tofu on the menu, and a “build your own meal” option where the chef will try to make you what you want and cater to food allergies and preferences. The only problem was that it was a bit pricey and in a strip mall, which again made it a hard sell.

Instead, we all decided to head to downtown St. Augustine and see what we could stumble upon. The good thing about most places in Florida, is they offer fresh fish on any menu, however since we had had fish a few times this weekend, I was kinda over it. We ate at Harry’s Seafood, Bar and Grille where John and I each got a dinner salad and then split a side of mashed potatoes and summer veggies. There wasn’t very many dairy and meat free options, so that’s why we decided we would just forgo the meat and not worry about the dairy that may be in the potatoes or butter on the vegetables.

As a result, I think John and I are under enthralled with eating out. We love to cook and love to eat good food. But unless we go to a local place with a well trained chef and a creative menu, we usually feel we could have had a better meal at home. And the issue with going to where the food is enjoyable for us, is that they are expensive, so we only get to do it once in awhile. So for now, at least until we have some money in our ‘going out’ budget and find a creative foodie worthy restaurant, I think we’ll have dinner at home.

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