Holy Cow! (or pig really)

Holy Cow! (or pig really)

Aug 16

So I am kinda freaking out a little bit over what I just paid for a pork shoulder.

I ventured to the Audubon Farmers Market today to see my friend Tony from Big Wheel Provisions (It’s become a Monday tradition). I told him and the other lovely people from Big Wheel, that I had just dusted off my slow cooker and was looking for something to make. They suggested the pork shoulder they had in, and I was in luck because they had a small one that would feed 2 people with leftovers for a total of 2 meals (I guess the ones they usually have are much bigger then the bit I got).

Now, I don’t often make pork or beef so I don’t know what common prices are, which is why when he said it would cost $10 a pound I thought ‘well that seems like a lot, but what do I know?’  I walked away with my 28 ounces of a pork shoulder and promptly called my mother to see how much a normal pork shoulder would have been.

“$2.50 a pound!!” Was my exclamation. And when I got home I even looked it up online and found that $3.00 is the very most a pound of pork shoulder would be at the store. My $17 worth of pork suddenly makes me want to hyperventilate.

Luckily, John came home not long after and proceeded to calm me down. That 28 ounces, used sparing would last us at least 3 meals. Plus, he reminded me that “There is no such thing as cheap meat” and I am paying so much extra to ensure that this particular pig was happy, well fed, allowed to wallow and essentially allowed to act like a pig. So tomorrow I will make half of my pork shoulder into a roast in my slow cooker. The other half will be frozen for another time. We’ll let you know how it goes….


  1. Diane/Mom A

    Need an update. How was it?

  2. Sara

    You crack me up – hyperventilating over $28 of pork. I’m glad John was able to provide the voice of reason for you. I hope it all works out well, I need to dust off my own slow cooker.

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