Day 17: Horrible Vegetarians OR The Best Vegetarians Ever

Day 17: Horrible Vegetarians OR The Best Vegetarians Ever

Aug 17

I checked the fridge this morning to prepare my lunch for work only to come to the startling realization that we have no vegetables! Sure, there were some limp green onion shoots and a bit of lemongrass (which is only edible when cooked), but we had nothing I could take for lunch. My first thought was that we are just horrible vegetarians. Trained by society and advertising, we don’t know what to do when we need so many vegetables and fruits to make up our meals.

Laura, though, provided me another viewpoint. She says we are actually such good and thrifty vegetarians that we buy what we need and eat it fresh. Case in point: We bought three huge organic carrots at a farmer’s market on Sunday and ate them the very next day. Also, we didn’t throw away any rotting vegetables (something we have regrettably done many times in the past) recently. So perhaps she’s right.

Either way, we need some vegetables! And I need some good ideas for ways to use vegetables in no-cook lunches other than salads, because I’m certainly getting tired of those.


  1. Erica

    Make sandwiches. Even if you’re using the same ingredients as your salads, putting it between two slabs of various kinds of breads can make a difference. Change up the condiments you use each time.

    Also, if you’re not wanting to cook the veggies, check out Raw Food recipes on the internet. They don’t cook anything, so they have many ways to prepare veggies, un cooked.

    Try Veggie Sushi rolls, or just a mix of veggies, fruits, nuts and cheeses that you just graze on. Wish I could think of more options, but I’m tapped for now.

  2. Diane/Mom A

    The best vegetarians I’m sure.
    Here’s a suggestion to help you shake off the salad kick….
    Make a large pot of soup on the weekend and fill your(new?)Thermos with it for your lunch, add a peice of bread or crackers and a spoon and a meal is made! This would work with either hot or cold soups. Yum.

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