They’re Eating What?!

They’re Eating What?!

Aug 22

John and I both recently started reading The Ominvore’s Dilemma and I am sure you’ll see many posts about it in the coming days. One book review post won’t cut it for such an informational, and thought provoking book.

While I was reading on Friday, I came across what cows are allow to be fed and that got me quite worked up and into a tizzy. I looked it up online and found this article about it too. So for your information – The following is a list of ingredients allowed by our government to be in cattle feed (please remember cows are herbivores and only meant to digest grasses):

  • Chicken Litter (aka used chicken bedding, complete with chicken waste and dirt from the chickens)
  • Cattle manure
  • Beef Tallow (fat) from slaughtered cattle
  • Chocolate and other candy
  • Restaurant Leftovers (from stale pastries to pasta)
  • Cement dust
  • Urea (a chemical in urine)
  • Ground hooves
  • Feathers
  • Fish Meal (made from grinding down the whole fish (bones and guts too) into a powder)
  • Peanut Skins
  • Brewery wastes
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic

Seriously? Who thought that was all okay to feed to a cow? Just because they eat it doesn’t mean we have to feed it to them! Humans eat Play-doh, does that mean it’s okay to give your child a Play-doh hot dog for dinner?

Don’t they realize that cows are eating this junnk and then we eat the cow, and that essentially means we are eating that junk too? Not to mention the cows are chained up and forced to eat this crap (literally when we talk about the chicken and cow manure). My how we’ve strayed so far from that idyllic farm where cows ate what grasses they could find in the field.

What it comes down to is that I just don’t understand why people would think this is a good practice. There just keeps on being so many reasons why you should know about your food and where it comes from.

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