Papaya Curry, Happy Pork

Papaya Curry, Happy Pork

Aug 25

We finally made the Papaya Curry I had been wanting to make from the One Dish Vegetarian Cookbook. I will say it was interesting. I think we decided we liked it overall, but could have done with smaller pieces of apple and no pineapple. Also more salt and more heat!

I made my expensive pork shoulder into two different meals in the last week.

The first one was half the shoulder in the crockpot with celery, carrots, onion, with some herb seasoning, and broth for some liquid. It wasn’t too bad. John liked it a lot, but the meat was a bit dry.

The second time I used the other half of the shoulder and in the crockpot with onions, green peppers and a whole lotta barbeque sauce. We made it into a delicious pulled bbq pork sandwiches to eat it, with sides of roasted potatoes and green beans. We still have some leftovers to use up which means that the 2 pounds of shoulder fed two people 4 meals.

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  1. Diane/Mom A

    Glad the Pork meals were good. Are you breathing “normal” now?

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