The Country Hen

The Country Hen

Aug 28

Although The Country Hen is not local to us here in Central Florida (they’re located in Hubbardston, MA), I found their eggs in a supermarket in Daytona Beach. Without researching them beforehand, I took a leap of faith based on the package information and a small, single-page newsletter inside the carton describing the new porches for the hens. I’m glad I went for it, because after a little research, I think The Country Hen is a sustainable producer of eggs.

Their hens are kept in large barns, but are allowed access to screened porches and, as you can see in the photos on their site, seem to have plenty of space to move around. Their feed is vegetarian and organic, and the eggs they produce have strong shells, rich orange yolks, and inexplicably fluffy whites. I’ve fried a couple sunny side up and found their whites to rise higher than the other eggs I’ve tried.

Another good thing about this farm: They offer tours to the public. As I’ve mentioned before, I like transparency. It’s much easier to treat animals poorly when no one is watching.

The only downside to Country Hen is that the are expensive: About $5 per dozen. Still, they are a good producer, and worth mentioning.

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