Day 39: Another Successful Vacation

Day 39: Another Successful Vacation

Sep 08

Something Is MissingHave you noticed an eerie silence here at With Respect For Food? Has it seemed like the Black Hole of the Blogosphere? Well, that’s because Laura and I have been in Washington, D.C., since Saturday, September 4, and we’re excited to share our food experiences with you!

Although we’ve had a great time changing our diet at home, we knew from the start, and it’s been confirmed all along, that the hard part would be eating out. Our first coordinated attempt to eat sustainably outside of our home was delicious, but something of a disappointment. (Read about our trip to Luma on Park here.) Over the Labor Day weekend, we took a long vacation to Washington, D.C., and found a variety of ways to eat on the go.

To begin with, we researched our dining options ahead of time. Most of our vacations (the long ones, anyway) are well-planned (but not overly structured), so it wasn’t a big deal for us to add vegetarian or sustainable restaurants to our list of things to Google. Of course, Washington, D.C., is a large metro area that is full of great chefs and great food trends, so we had a much easier time finding results than if we were going to, say, the Grand Canyon. We reached out to some friends who live in the area and received some great recommendations. We found that the web sit VegDC is extremely helpful. And we also used TripAdvisor to separate the good from the bad.

All this research meant that we needed to plan our days roughly so that we’d be near one of these restaurants around lunch and dinner time. Just as we budgeted our money to make sure our trip was affordable, we budgeted our time to make sure we’d have options when our stomachs started grumbling. Most of the time, this worked out well, because the DC Metro system is very efficient.

Finally, we ordered carefully. Thinking about what we eat means thinking about what we’re ordering, thinking about the ingredients. Not all the restaurants we visited were vegetarian or entirely sustainable, but we think that’s OK, because we chose sustainable options. For instance, during our visit to the National Gallery of Art, we ate at the Cascade Cafe. Most of the options here were meaty or cheesy or both, but we chose salad and vegetable soup.

Overall, our trip was incredibly entertaining and enriching. We were both sick for the duration, which was more of an annoyance than anything. Did it stop us from packing as much into our days as possible? Of course not! Our next post will be a Quick & Dirty Guide to Eating Sustainably in D.C. Certainly this won’t cover everything sustainable in D.C., but it should give you a good idea of where to look.

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