Grow Box

Grow Box

Sep 26

I posted last week about John and I planting our Second Spring garden. Our seeds are sprouting nicely and I am excited to see them inch high and higher.

Last weekend at the Evening on the Farm event we attended, we learned about the Winter Park Harvest Festival. It is a food festival held 5 days before Thanksgiving, with cooking demos, meet the farmer sessions, and most importantly, a farmers market of all local growers so you can stock up on all the fresh foods you’ll need for Thanksgiving Dinner! The other awesome thing they are doing is attempting to have the largest community mobile garden at the festival. So 100 grow boxes were ordered and sold to individuals and/or groups that will plant in the boxes, grow all sorts of things, then bring the boxes together at the festival in their various stages of growth to become one huge garden. I was thrilled at this idea, and Friday after work I arranged a pick up of my very own grow box.

I just finished planting some seeds and seedlings in my box and John thought it would be fun to catch me in action on a video. Enjoy!


  1. You guys rock. Saw the ping pack from this post so popped over to see what you guys were up to. Love the site, love your mission and can’t wait to read up on your old posts. Thanks for sharing your experience and if you don’t mind I’m going to post your video to the front of the Harvest Festival website. Stay in touch and best of luck with your Grow Box.

    John Rife
    Winter Park Harvest Festival

    • Laura V.

      Thanks John! Feel free to post and spread the video where ever you would like! I was really excited to get my grow box on Friday, it was a great start to my weekend! Thanks for arranging the pick-up for me, and for having such a great idea to begin with. I can’t wait for the festival!


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