Sep 28

I mentioned last month that my goal was to keep our food budget the same, despite the fact that meat and dairy that are sustainable, organic and humanely treated are much more expensive. I have to admit that we went way over our budget in August, failed miserably to be honest! Usually I budget $250 a month for groceries, and then add the extra money from other things (i.e. when we budget $130 for our electric bill for the month and it is only $118, the extra $12 gets moved to our food budget) so it is usually about $275-$290 that we spend on food for us two foodies for a whole month. And in August, when I was attempting to keep our food at $250, we spent $320 on food. Proving unfortunately that keeping to a budget on our new responsible diet is difficult.

Some friends and family members told us at the end of last month, that they were surprised our food budget was so low. That for two people others spend closer to $350-$400 a month on groceries. So for September, I conceded and set our budget to a strict $350 (no extras from leftovers other places in the budget) and we did surprisingly well! I think $350 is a pretty good goal for us in future months.

I was very diligent this month to tracking exactly how much we spent on groceries, where the food came from and what it was spent on. (Check out the full spreadsheet here) You can see the chart below, and it looks good but we definitely need to eat more fruit!


  • Fruits (Fresh, canned and frozen, not including juices) -$10.50
  • Veggies (Fresh, canned and frozen) – $48.25
  • Meats (including broths)- $37.75
  • Cat food and supplies – $22.50
  • All Dairy and Eggs – $52.25
  • Yogurt – $20.50
  • Dairy and meat alternatives (i.e. Almond milk, Tofu, Soy Crumbles) – $24.25
  • Total Grocery Costs – $351

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