Murray’s Chicken

Murray’s Chicken

Sep 30

Last Night for dinner John and I had chicken! I was quite excited about this, since we hadn’t found a chicken yet that met our sustainable, humane, organic standards. I stumbled across Murray’s Chicken Breasts, at a Publix in College Park (I don’t ever shop over there, but I should since they have quite a selection of meat and dairy that fit our needs, compared to our Publix up the street which is lacking in that department!) Not to mention it was $3.20 for .6 of a lb. not bad at all.

Murray’s Chicken on their packaging quite blatantly tells that their meats come from small family farms, they don’t use antibiotics or hormones, and that their chickens are free roaming with room to spread their wings, roost and go outside if they want. They also have a code on the packaging that has a production number on it. This number can be entered in to their website and you’ll find out exactly where your chicken came from. For example my chicken came from:

Dave Bower 1020 Alvira Road – Allenwood, PA 17810

Talk about transparency!

I marinated the chicken in italian dressing for about 45 minutes, then browned it in a saute pan to go with a Summer Vegetable Tart. It was pretty tasty, and since we used to have chicken about 4 nights a week, it was a welcomed find!



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