Day 63: World Farm Animal Day

Day 63: World Farm Animal Day

Oct 02

Today is World Farm Animal Day (WFAD). I was trying to figure out what the greeting on this day should be, Happy World Farm Animal Day? Merry World Farm Animal Day? Except that it isn’t really a good thing to be celebrating so maybe “A very unhappy World Farm Animal Day to you!” would be more appropriate?

It started in 1983 as a way to promote awareness of the cruelty to farmed animals, and has become much more now. Vegans are big fans of this holiday and it now has a more “Go Veg” mantra instead of a “Stop cruelty, farm humanely!” one. In Orlando, the Vegetarians of Central Florida hold VegFest in observance of WFAD. The Festival will be October 23rd from 10am-6pm in Loch Haven Park.

I am excited about it! John and I have found ways to find and eat more meat that fits our guidelines but we do have all veg dinners the majority of the week, merely for cost issues of humane meat. And even when we have meat I get sick of the same veggie side dishes, so going to VegFest will hopefully give me some new ideas. There is going to be vegetarian restaurants there, as well as speakers and cooking demos, humane education and an artists corner. With the weather getting nicer it’ll be a great Saturday!

Check out what people in your area are doing to celebrate WFAD, and maybe have a piece of humanely treated meat this week in observance!

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