Good Thing: Number 4

Good Thing: Number 4

Oct 12

National Sustainable Agriculture Information Source

I don’t remember how I stumbled across this website, but it is such an amazing resource for farmers. It has tons of information and studies listed on ways to turn a regular farm to an organic one, how to rotate crops and animals, selling food locally, starting up a sustainable farm, water and pest management, and lots more. Now they don’t really apply to most of us non-farmers, but I thought it was a neat site anyways. The resources are out there, farmers and big agribusinesses just need to use them to help better our food industry.

One of the articles I thought was really neat was one about Renewable Energy Opportunities on the Farm. John and I had my parents over this weekend and I told them if I had money and the ability to quit my job and start a farm I would raise buffalo and chickens (broilers and layers). My Dad said that he would help on our factitious farm and we would name it “Off the Grid” Farm, making everything solar and wind powered, with ways to compost and sustainably take care of more farm issues.  So that article struck me, since there is scientists out there writing articles and studies on how to do just what my family and I were dreaming of doing.

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