Oct 13

I have been reading, Harvest for Hope; A Guide For Mindfull Eating, by Jane Goodall (yup the Chimp lady). And last night I read a quote she had from our beloved Michael Pollan.

He likens the food industry as we know it to a sweater, woven of many threads. And everytime we buy organic, free range chicken, we are saying no to big agriusiness and pulling a single thread from that sweater. Not much harm done there, but then next time you buy a sustainably raised, cruelty free container of yogurt, you pull another thread. And you buy organic pasture raised cheese, saying no to the factory farmed stuff, you pull another thread. And you pick up some pesticide and GMO free corn for dinner, and you’re telling the government ‘no’ and pulling another thread.

Then little by little, as all of us start taking out threads and making choices against the way our food industry is currently run, the sweater will have to fall apart. Afterwords we can then start building another sweater, rooted in firm beliefs of sustainable farms, naturally raised foods that better our bodies and the planet.


  1. Diane/Mom A

    You go girl….

  2. John V.

    I love this. :) It’s a really great metaphor for all of those out there who constantly ask, “What difference will this really make?”

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