Day 89

Day 89

Oct 28

It’s hard to believe we have 3 days left after today. It’s been an interesting three months for sure. We have found ways to eat pretty much whatever we want, by finding products from happy animals. But I will say that Monday John and I have big plans… John has been craving doughnuts and guava pastillitos and I have a weakness for Little Debbie Cakes. Since these things are things we can’t easily make for ourselves on our new diet, we are definitely going out to buy them on Monday.

The conclusion I have come too, which you are sure to hear more about on Sunday, is that this new diet is here to stay. I feel better and I don’t want to go back to eating food from unhappy animals. However, I know we will be less strict. When a package says “contains less then 2% of milk” or something similar, I may be hesitant, but it won’t necessarily keep me from buying it.

Only three more days, and I feel good!

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  1. Diane/Mom A

    I love doughnuts!!!!

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