Day 93 : Done

Day 93 : Done

Nov 01

So our three months are officially done, but don’t you think that’s the end of us! We have embraced this new way of eating, this new way of living in fact, and it’s not going anywhere! We are going to start integrating sustainable fish into our diet to boot.
I must say this have been a fun and enlightening experience, and I am glad we started it. For those of you inspired by our journey, I encourage you to read “Harvest for Hope” by Jane Goodall. Of all the numerous books I read (tons I never got around to writing a review for), this one book was my favorite. Goodall talks about the origin of food and culturally how it is used, then goes on the talk about the problems in our food system today. She touches on all forms of meat (chapters are separated into Pork, Chicken, Beef, Seafood, Dairy etc.) and the harrows of how it gets to our plate. But the best part, and why I loved this book, is that at the end of every chapter she finishes with a section called “What You Can Do”, so she is not just pointing out the long list of problems but what we, as individuals, can do to solve them. (She is a proponent of vegetarianism, but I sort of ignored that chapter, since we obviously feel differently).
I will say that over the course of our three months, I lost 6 lbs. I wasn’t trying to lose weight, in fact I still ate quite as much as I usually do, but the weight just came off. John says he maybe lost a pound or two, but he really didn’t keep track or weigh himself regularly. So who knows, maybe eating less meat (quite opposite of the Adkins diet) will be the new diet craze. Which of course would be great for the environment and all our healths!

Thanks for reading these past few months, I hope you’ll stick with us as this experiment becomes our lifestyle.

(Sidenote: This happens to be our 100th post! Wahoo! How appropriate!)

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  1. Well i had been meaning pop in and say hi for a while now, but since I have since been a slacker, this seems like a good time to say CONGRATS and I love what you guys are doing! I think I have managed to follow along for the whole journey, Alan and I are going along a similar adventure. While not exactly with the strict rules you guys have set up, we are trying to start a habit of eating locally, and finding meats and produce from places we know and trust. Good luck as you all continue things! We have also started a blog (very much in the early stages but I am already obsessed!) so check it out if you want :-)

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