Rain Barrel

Rain Barrel

Nov 20

A Barrel of Rain (Empty)Disclaimer: We apologize for the recent lack of posts, but the Christmas holidays are fast approaching, and we like to make a lot of our gifts. We’ve been quite preoccupied with thoughts of generosity and creativity.

One week ago today, Laura and I bought our first rain barrel. We started looking for one some time ago, but found that they are often fairly expensive, upwards of $100. So, we waited. And, as usual, our patience paid off — while waiting for our food in a local tea shop, we saw an ad for an upcoming rain barrel and compost bin sale. Rain barrels for only $43? Heck yeah!

We brought it home and set it up, but unfortunately it has so far done nothing more than intrigue the cats and blend into our exterior walls with chameleon-like stealth. We haven’t had rain in our neighborhood, you see, so our barrel has yet to prove itself. It’s of sound design, though, with a screen covering the top opening to filter out debris, two overflow spouts that allow for multiple rain barrels, and screws to solidly attach the lid to the barrel. I have no doubt that it will perform beautifully when it finally sees some rain; I’m only sad to know that it likely will not reduce our water/sewer bill every month, because that seems to be averaged anyway. We are making strides toward being somewhat independent of “the grid,” but we still have a long way to go…

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