Boar’s Head

Boar’s Head

Jan 14

Are any of Boar’s Head’s products USDA-certified organic? The straight answer I received from them (via their Facebook page): “No.”

Their website makes no mention of organic, let alone even hints at where they buy their meat. To someone who wants to know where their food comes from, that is as good as a glowing neon sign saying, “Don’t look behind the curtain.” Certain meat products, like Span and hot dogs, are often joked about as being unidentifiable, but it seems to me that any product from Boar’s Head is true mystery meat.

To be fair (and it pains me to say this), the company appears to be very centered on nutrition. They proudly announce the fact that their products contain no fillers, no gluten, no colors and no artificial flavoring. Of course, this sounds a lot better than it is. None of these things should be expected norms for food products, so claiming the lack of them should just be stating the obvious. More importantly, it doesn’t contribute any solutions to this country’s food production problems; it just draws more attention to the seemingly unattainable goal of health that we have.

Overall, Boar’s Head is definitely unsourceable and unapproved.


  1. joan

    Hi. I am very unhappy as I was dupped into purchasing a “Natural” turkey by Boars head last eveing. The saleswomen even showed me typed literature with humane clearly typed. Ugh…please inform me if they can do this…

    • Joan: Sorry for the delay. Boar’s Head does have a line of “All-Natural” products now, although “All-Natural” has no real meaning as far as federal regulations are concerned. I’m not sure what printed materials your butcher showed you, but I know that it’s possible to label anything as “Humane” because that also has no real meaning. If it has a logo that says “Certified Humane,” then it’s a different story. That has standards and rules behind it. Please let me know if you saw this logo on Boar’s Head materials, because it means they may have some Happy Meat to offer after all.

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