Deep Creek Ranch

Deep Creek Ranch

Mar 12

Some day we’ll visit Deep Creek Ranch and see the animals for ourselves, but in the meantime we are quite sure they produce happy meat. One of the owners is highly involved with Slow Food Orlando and they often show up at the all-local farmers market – College Park and Audubon Park – as well as various events, like the Winter Park Harvest Festival. The beef I have tried from them is incredibly lean and tastes like nature.

The first time I ate it, I cooked it alongside a run-of-the-mill grocery store steak and, even with seasoning, the difference was quite clear. The standard factory-processed steak was infinitely more tender, but tasted flat and dull, more like chicken than beef.

The tenderness, which consumers love, is a result of the high fat content, and the marbling patterns the fat makes in the meat. Since cattle do not, by default, have a lot of fat in their muscles, this marbling comes from the diet of corn and chemical food additives that they spend their short lives eating.

Meat from Deep Creek Ranch may not have the same tender quality, but it makes up for it entirely in flavor. Please try a Deep Creek Ranch steak – it’s expensive, but it will show you what beef really tastes like.

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