The Life of a Dirt Farmer

The Life of a Dirt Farmer

Mar 21

Tom Carey of Sundew GardensWe went to our first Organic Growers’ Meeting last Wednesday, the monthly meeting hosted by the Simple Living Institute. Every month, they bring in a guest speaker and hold a plant raffle. We walked away with six plants, including lettuce, zucchini and swiss chard. We also brought a camera to record this month’s guest speaker, Tom Carey, owner of Sundew Gardens in Oviedo, Florida. The video is less-than-perfect, especially when compared to the professional productions I usually work on, but it’s audible and really captures the charm of Tom’s presentation.

He talked about his history with gardening, and wrapped it up by asserting that after all his experience with plants, he says, “I’ve gone all the way back to looking at how do I grow the best crop of dirt. Once you’ve got your good soil, the plants will just follow on their own…I’m just happy to be back as a dirt farmer.” Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms speaks similarly, telling people frequently that he’s just a grass farmer, and the animals follow on their own.
Check out Tom Carey’s presentation on YouTube, or just watch below:

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