Improving the Site

Improving the Site

Mar 22

When Laura and I created this site, we had a specific goal in mind: To only eat meat and dairy products from humanely raised animals for three months. During that experiment, we used the blog to chronicle our experiences, and through our research we learned a lot about livestock and agriculture, which we also recorded here. As we began to realize the challenges of our experiment, and as we started looking into local producers, we naturally stumbled upon the local garden scene, which in turn paved the way for us to explore a vibrant community of people and events centered around gardening, self-sufficiency, and sustainability.

Now we want to make With Respect For Food much more useful as a tool for all those interested in humanely raised animals, backyard gardening, urban farming and local ingredients. We’re stepping out into the community to meet people and learn about our local food cycle, and we’re brainstorming ways that we can bring that to our readers and the city as a whole. One of the ways we’re hoping to make our research more accessible is to redesign our site so that resources are front and center, and the blog is secondary. We want you to be able to easily find the restaurants we’ve reviewed, the local growers we’ve discussed, the certified humane products that you can find in your grocery store, and the certifiably inhumane producers we’ve identified around the country.

So look for a new cleaner and more resource-centered With Respect For Food in the weeks to come. If you read our blog or use our site, thanks a lot. If you are interested in learning something about the community, about local food, or about the US food system in general, let us know – chances are we’ll have a blast finding that information and sharing it with you and everyone else.

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