Local Producer Spotlights

Local Producer Spotlights

Mar 25

We may live in a subtropical hothouse, we may generally be known as the tourist capital of the world, and we may have a largely transient population, but here in Central Florida, we also have a thriving community of more-or-less-permanent residents who are gardening, farming, and raising animals. When we first discovered some of these local producers, Laura and I assumed they were the exceptions to the rule, that anyone interested in local and/or humane food would know about them, but the more we found, the more we realized that these people are eking out a living in relative anonymity, the unsung heroes of the Central Florida food cycle.

Local Producer Spotlight logoIn light of that, we are going to start creating Local Producer Spotlights, short videos that highlight the many members of our community who provide produce, honey, cheese, meats, and all sorts of prepared foods. The first of these will feature Sundew Gardens in Oviedo, FL, where Tom Carey is trying to make his passion – organic gardening – support his three children and his tractor, which he calls his mid-life crisis. Look for it late next week!

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