Vegetarian Burrito Bowl

Vegetarian Burrito Bowl

Mar 27

Looking at my empty Chipotle burrito bowl last Wednesday after I devoured its contents, I wondered if I could do something more constructive with it than add to the local landfill. Ever since I went to an Edible Landscaping class at the Orange County Extension Center and the speaker told me of his success growing lettuce in his office, I’ve wanted to try duplicating his efforts. With this in mind, I brought home the empty Chipotle burrito bowl and built my first self-watering planter.

Photo of my Chipotle lettuce planter

I asked for lettuce in my burrito bowl...

Using the metal top as a water tray, I super-glued bottle caps (harvested from our recycling bin) to the bottom of the bowl to raise it up. Then I cut short lengths of boba tea straws and poked holes in them using a thumbtack. With a box-cutter I cut holes in the bottom of the bowl and inserted the cut straws to act as the water wicks. The theory is that some of the soil I put in the bowl will fill the straws, and since there are small holes in the straws, the water will seep into the soil and be wicked up into the rest of the planter. This is how our Grow Box works (which we bought for last year’s Winter Park Harvest Festival).

The lettuce looks a wilted because they are transplants from our heavily shadowed flower bed. They didn’t look happy anyway, so I figured I might as well use them for my office experiment. I’ll let you know if it works!


  1. Daisy

    Sooooo, did it work? :-)

    • Well, yes and no. It started out well, and even perked up after a few days. Unfortunately, prolonged exposure to water caused the paper bowl to sag down into the water below, and when the soil got really wet, it compressed into a hard mass. I didn’t put anything in the soil to break it up and keep it light, so I think that has basically suffocated the roots. I will have to redesign and try again….

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