Apr 03

Evos logoWe stopped by Evos today in St. Petersburg, excited about a fast-food-style restaurant with humanely raised meat. I’ve learned enough by now to know that I can’t trust marketing language on a restaurant’s website, so I asked to speak to the manager before I ordered. He told me they order their beef from Coleman. I checked into that company when we got home, only to find that they don’t sell beef. One article said they sold the beef part of their company to Meyer Natural Angus in 2008, the same Certified Humane company Lime Fresh Mexican Grill uses. So if that’s where Evos gets their beef, it’s OK by me. However, the manager at Evos also told me they buy their chicken from Tyson.


I’m sure Tyson has a “natural” line of chicken meat, but nothing they do could possibly be humane. Even if it is, I couldn’t support a humane product knowing that most of the company’s revenue comes from inhumane products. After hearing this from the manager, I chose to order a veggie burger, which I must say was delicious. There were actual pieces of carrot, pepper and mushroom in the burger, and it was served with an avocado spread (thinner than guacamole) and light ranch dressing.

The fries Evos serves are “Airbaked” instead of fried. They are actually running a campaign to “End World Grease” and claim their un-fried fries have 50-70% less fat than the usual variety. (They also offer an un-fried chicken tender.) Our fries were quite tasty, not very greasy, full of potato flavor. Eaten with Evos’ mesquite ketchup, they were exteremely satisfying.

All of the packaging in Evos screams sustainable, mostly in the form of marketing, but the fact remains that at the end of our meal – two veggie burgers, two small fries and a milkshake – we were left with a lot of waste. The “plastic” milkshake cup made from plant products breaks down a lot easier than true plastic, but as far as I know, McDonald’s uses paper cups, which break down even more easily. But both restaurants send the used cups to the dump in plastic bags, so what good is it?

The bottom line: If you really love burgers and fries, patronizng Evos is much better than going to McDonald’s or Burger King, but Evos is really just a way for us to create waste and get instant gratification without the guilt that is increasingly associated with fast food.

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