Find Local Food: Online Resource Roundup

Find Local Food: Online Resource Roundup

Apr 20

I’ve posted many online resources for finding local food, but I realized recently that they are all over the place. Some are in the links section, others are in full posts, and others may be just on Facebook. So, here’s a round-up of all the websites I’ve found that help you find farmers markets, local food, and restaurants that serve local food.

  1. Local Dirt: Find local producers, list yourself as a seller, and find groups like co-ops. They partner with the Locavore iPhone app.
  2. Locavore App for iPhone (also for Android): Helps you find what produce is in season and where to buy it. It’s not comprehensive, but should still be helpful.
  3. Where to buy Certified Humane®: The Certified Humane label pretty much guarantees happy food. It’s an independent organization, so their claims aren’t just marketing language. Their site gives you a way to find products that are Certified Humane, as well as a place to find producers that only sell certified products.
  4. Animal Welfare Approved: Another great organization that certifies and monitors small farms for their treatment of animals. You can search for products or farms that bear the label.
  5. Eat Wild: We originally posted this site for its wealth of information about the health benefits of pasture-raised meat, but it also has a section for finding a farmer near you who raises animals on pasture.
  6. Pick Your Own: This is a huge database of U-Pick programs across the country. Search by type of food or location. You may be surprised at how many farms near you have pick-your-own programs. Unfortunately, you’ll have to do your own research as to whether or not the farms are organic.
  7. Eat Well Guide: Another online directory of local food producers. One of the great features of this site is it’s trip planner. Choose your route for a road trip and it will point out local food along the way!
  8. Home Farming with Triscuit: Probably not as useful as some of the other directories, this site has a map of local gardens, both personal and commercial. It may not help you find produce to buy, but it certainly can encourage you to get involved when you see what your neighbors are doing.
  9. Farm-to-School Programs: Dedicated to serving healthy, preferably local food in public schools, Farm To School allows you to find programs in your area, check out the farms involved, and even get involved yourself.
  10. Local Harvest — Community Supported Agriculture: Local Harvest is a great resource site for local food. This section of the site offers a search (it’s small, on the sidebar) for farms and CSAs in your zip code or state. (Co-ops apparently don’t show up.)
  11. USDA Farmers Market Directory: The “official” register of farmers markets in the U.S. Small, truly local markets, like College Park and Audubon Park and Lake Lily, probably won’t show up in this database.
  12. Homegrown Co-Op: Central Florida’s largest food cooperative, with a great selection of items you can order online and pick up in person. Their pick-up location is in downtown Orlando.

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