Happy Earth Day 2011!

Happy Earth Day 2011!

Apr 22

I learned this morning that Earth Day started in 1970, and back then it was more about protesting pollution, where now I see it as a day to support greener acts. There is a great news report from April 22nd 1970 about Earth Day, give it a looksee.

Today in celebration of Earth Day I have some great resources and websites to help us all live a little greener for the planet.

Carbon Footprint Calculator - Sometimes the easiest first step is just to know what your doing wrong and then you can work on ways you can improve.

Greener Choices – This is run by Consumer Reports, and gives environmentally friendly alternatives to appliances, food, cars, homes, etc

National Green Pages – Think of this as a modern version of an old school phone book updated to be for eco-friendly products and services

Lastly, on the Earth Day website, this years campaign is 1 Billion Acts of Green. They have a box to the right hand of the page where you can pledge an act of green that you commit to. To this cause I have pledged to limit chemicals in my household. Under my kitchen sink is a mess of cleaners, chemicals and various scrubbers, each that came in specialized packaging (not all recyclable) and many that have toxic fumes and ingredients I can’t pronounce. Surely nothing very green about them. So my pledge is to switch to homemade alternatives. These include, baking soda, vinegar, salt, and lemons. All of which can come in little or no packaging (and is recyclable when packaged) as well as no fumes and no harsh chemicals to dispose of. There is a great resource at Earth Easy, that has recipes for homemade cleaners.

What act of green will you pledge to do?


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