First Pickles

First Pickles

Apr 23


Freshly inspired by Bill Hettig’s talk on Wednesday, I just had to use our Perfect Pickler yesterday. I go grocery shopping on Fridays so it was optimal circumstances to pick up the salt, water, and extra veggies we would need. I loosely followed a recipe in the Perfect Pickler Handbook for Edamame Slaw. It has shelled edamame, broccoli slaw and in ours some green beans from the garden that had to be used up. I actually planned to make some stir-fry on Wednesday just so we can have some of the Asian inspired pickled slaw with it! Can’t wait! We will of course update you along the way!


I came home from work to find Laura preparing to test our new gadget, the Perfect Pickler. Always the videographer, I sensed a perfect occasion to break out the video camera. I recorded Laura as she sliced the vegetables, prepared the brine, and filled the pickler with the necessary ingredients, pausing to read the directions between every step. The total time to prepare the slaw was ten minutes — Bill Hettig wasn’t lying when he said his Perfect Pickler makes the process quick. Although I thought about posting the whole unedited video, just to prove how quick and easy the preparation was, I thought it would be more interesting to cut out the measuring and scooping and chopping. So here is our first Perfect Pickler experience, edited and sped up to double time.


  1. Laura & John ~ You are excellent students! Sweet.

    Extra instructions: if using green beans that are tough to eat raw, you will need to blanche them in lightly salted water for about 3 minutes then cool in ice water, and proceed to pickle.

    You can also mix all the ingredients and when loading, lightly, but firmly tamp down using the handle of a wooden spoon, you can load more veggies.

    If the brine begins to climb into the fermentation lock, just open the lid, pour the brine back into the jar, and reset the brine overflow cup and seal back up.

    Love the video!!!

    How can I add it to our site?

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