Pickled Perfectly

Pickled Perfectly

Apr 30

Wednesday we retrieved our Pickler and opened it up to enjoy our first pickles! I hadn’t looked at it for the full four days it was pickling, the beauty we’ve found is that the pickles needed to be kept at the same temperature as John’s beer he’s brewing, so they both go shut away in the mini fridge at a constant 70 degrees. It was fun to see the color change from the bright green it went in and the brownish color it came out (Still very green compared to store bought pickles though). I took the contents of the jar, strained them out made a dressing of sesame oil, sugar and lime juice, and we had the pickled Asian slaw with our stir-fry dinner. John loved it, I like it. It was a bit pungent for me,  less spicy red pepper and less ginger next time.

Today, I started some pickled carrots, it seems we’ve become pickling fiends!

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