Find Some Free Fresh Fruit

Find Some Free Fresh Fruit

May 03

In my most recent issue of Budget Travel, however unlikely, I found a nifty iPhone app called Find Fruit, created by the good folks at the website Neighborhood Fruit. Essentially, this app maps out the locations of publicly accessible fruit trees in your area. Free fruit!

Unfortunately, there’s no free fruit documented in the greater Orlando area. It’s a little difficult to use the app, so it’s hard for me to tell if there’s even anything documented in Florida. It’s true that our heat makes the selection of fruit more limited, but surely the city of Orlando itself must have plenty of fruit trees on public or publicly accessible land?

The app has no way to add trees that you own or that you’ve discovered. However, if you create an account, you can share your fruit with your neighborhood on the website and, since it’s much more navigable, use it to find fruit if you don’t live in Central Florida.

I bought Find Fruit for $1 on the iTunes store, but I would recommend creating an account on Neighborhood Fruit and checking for fruit in your area before investing in a mobile version of the map!

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