Farm to Fork Dinner

Farm to Fork Dinner

May 17

Last Thursday John and I attended the Osceola County Grown Farm to Fork Dinner. Amidst a sprawling green farm with cows, a garden and gorgeous house, was three long tables beautifully decorated and chairs for about a hundred. The dinner was delicious, and again like we say every time tasted even better because it was fresh, local and prepared with some serious love! Turns out the chefs, all from JW Marriott Primo Restaurant, were all there as volunteers. At the start of the evening we even saw chefs walk out to the garden, pick some veggies and head back to the mobile kitchen with them. The meal started with appetizers of deviled eggs topped with pulled pork and a smoked tilapia spread for crostini. Both genius. Pulled pork on an egg is a great idea, even to me, who admitting doesn’t eat much meat these days, love it!

My favorite course was the salad course. A plate of lightly honey vinaigrette dressed greens, beets, grapefruit and blue cheese. Sounds odd together, I know, but so good! Then dessert was heavenly! The best blueberry cobbler ever, and I don’t even like fruit as dessert (a cop-out in my opinion, if it doesn’t have chocolate it’s not dessert, except in this case).

My only complaint about the whole evening was that the sound was bad, since we were all seated outside in long rows, and all they had a was a little amplifier, it was difficult to hear the speaker. And I wanted to hear them, not only did the events’ mastermind talk a bit, as well as our friend Tia Meer from Econ Farm, but each chef that created a dish came out to talk about it before we ate that course. All things I wanted to hear! Sound aside, I couldn’t have asked for a better evening. The sun set over the cows in the field as we ate, the view of the garden was visible in the fading light, people laughed, stomachs were filled and even though wallets were emptied ($75 per person, $100 for a couple) it was well worth it. The best news of the evening… Osceola County Grown is planning another Farm to Fork dinner in fall!

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  1. Deborah

    Just wanted to chime in and thank you for the review. The sound… ugghhh! We will have that corrected for the next dinner for sure. We’ll be making a decision in just a few days if we’ll be doing a dinner in the Fall and will let you know! The Dinner was beautiful wasn’t it… can’t wait to do it again! EAT LOCAL!

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