Making Use of Wasted Food

Making Use of Wasted Food

May 18

I just read an article in Urban Farm magazine about how an organization in San Francisco is working on collecting scraps from local restaurants. They are putting the scraps in biodigesters and generating electricity from the methane generated when the food decomposes. They are currently powering some crazy amount of homes and will soon start selling the power to the local power company. I love that idea! Where do I sign up?

How can we start something like this in Orlando? One of the biggest gaps I see in our food system is waste. As far as I know, we don’t have a composting company, or an organization dedicated to reclaiming methane from our food scraps. I know the city does some composting, because I’ve gone to the landfill and seen the huge pile of free compost. But we don’t have “green bins” like in the San Francisco Bay Area; we just have yard waste day. We need to get restaurants and gardeners cooperating!

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