Veg Boot Camp

Veg Boot Camp

May 20

Vegetarian Times magazine is currently doing a Veg Boot Camp, where they have an all vegetarian, 28-day diet plan. They of course want everyone to try it and go veghead full time, I just like it because I think it’d be a great way to get everyone to eat a more plant based diet (and for those of us who already do, there is a lot of yummy, innovative recipes to freshen up your meal routine!). Plus the meal plan, formulated by a nutritionist, has three meals of equal 400 calorie size, then two snacks of 200 calories, throughout the day. I also think this is a great idea, I’ll admit that I don’t follow this idea at the moment but everything I read about nutrition says a few small meals a day is optimal.  As for actually following the full 28 day plan, I think it’s impractical. The lunches are too elaborate to make in a hurry before work, and the part that really got me was that the ingredients were not reused enough to make them economical. But if you so feel inclined, then go for it!

As for the recipes, I already made the Veggie Rosti for friends and they were gobbled up quicker then I could fathom! This Zucchini Pizza is on my to make list, as is the pasta with Broccoli Pesto. So try some of the recipes, check out the diet and maybe challenge yourself and your family to a more plant based diet for a week or two.

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