Organic Growers’ Meeting: Growing Blueberries

Organic Growers’ Meeting: Growing Blueberries

May 22

The Organic Growers’ Meeting on May 18 was a great success. The room was pretty well packed, the seats filled with attentive growers, all anxious to produce their own little patch of blueberry bliss. Ethos Vegan Kitchen provided some free pizza, and Our Vital Earth announced its new worm container, The Worm Cafe. (It’s basically a Can-O-Worms that is rectangular, with some other slight differences.)

Steve Kopracz from Twigs & Berries Farm and Nursery in Titusville spoke at length about the details of growing blueberries in Central Florida, based on years of experience. Some highlights:

  • Blueberries like lots of water, but not standing water.
  • Soil pH should stay around between 4.8 and 5.2 for blueberries to thrive.
  • Chill hours are very important when choosing blueberry varieties.
  • Bumblebees are the blueberry pollinators of choice.
  • Propagating blueberries is difficult and not worth the time for the casual grower.
  • Grasshoppers, tent caterpillars and birds are the biggest pest problems.

Here’s the video of Steve’s lecture and Q&A session. (Check out the YouTube description for more notes and some chapter links.)

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