Blueberry Jamz

Blueberry Jamz

May 23

photo of Northland Juice BottlesHave you ever tasted fruit preserves or juice “with no added sugar” that still tasted really sweet? Have you ever passed these products up in the grocery store because they’re so expensive? Well, I just made blueberry jam, and let me tell you: It takes A LOT of fruit to make a sweet concoction without adding any processed sugar. I used about 6 cups of berries, added what felt like a lot of sugar, and still only ended up with 3 cups of jam. For comparison, most recipes I’ve found claim that 6 cups of berries should yield 8 cups of jam! That’s because there’s added water, lots more added sugar, and, of course, fruit pectin.

So the next time you see “100% juice” or “no added sugar” on a product in the store, remember: You’re paying more because it contains more fruit! If you want to pay less for a product with more water, be my guest, but I’d wager that, in most cases, we’re paying the same amount for the actual fruit content.

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