Pine Twenty 2

Pine Twenty 2

May 28

About two years ago, John after eating a burger out at a restaurant, turned to me and said “Don’t let me eat burgers out anymore.” The burgers out always seemed too big, too fattening, too greasy, too loaded down with mediocre toppings and a bad bun, all of which left him feeling yucky after he finished. So I have kept him to the no burgers out agreement, until now. While searching the web this morning, I came across Pine Twenty 2, a fairly new burger restaurant on Pine Ave in Downtown Orlando.

Pine Twenty 2 is different because their meat is organic, grass-fed and local from Deep Creek Ranch, any eggs they use are Lake Meadows Naturals, veggies from Waterkist Farms, and pork is from Palmetto Creek. According to thier websitethere is 300,000 ways to have a burger at Pine Twenty 2. Their menu is just a big checklist of what type of meat you want (Beef, turkey, black bean, or bbq pork), what type of toppings you want (19 choices), the bread type (6 choices), the sauce type (22 choices), cheese type (10 choices) and even how big you want your burger patty (1/3 lb or 1/2 lb).

We haven’t been to Pine Twenty 2 yet, since I just discovered it existed about 35 minutes ago. But if we take Orlando restaurant reviewer, Scott Joseph’s opinion then it’ll be a hit if you can handle all the choices. Personally, I am not a fan of red meat, but the Turkey or Black Bean burger is right up my alley and I appreciate that they have red meat alternatives. Somehow, I think John after eating one of these locally made, organic, humanely treated, grass fed burgers will amend his eating burgers out rule to be “Don’t let me eat burgers out anywhere but Pine Twenty 2.”


  1. Rich

    Haha, I believe you mean ‘Orlando restaurant reviewer Scott Joseph’ right? Not our, umm, honorable Governor Rick Scott? I’ll rate Scott Joseph’s opinion much more highly.

    • Laura V.

      You’re right, of course. That’s what I get for not proofreading.

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